1. 16 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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  7. 09 Jan, 2018 3 commits
    • Mark's avatar
      Feature/add ws to routes cli (#494) · 6eb64cc8
      Mark authored
      * Add websocket routes to 'amber routes' output (#295)
      - Show websocket routes in 'amber routes'
      - Avoid string "<Time> Class |" that used to be printed in first line
        of output
      - Fix issue where in case of Con::Troller, only "Con" would be printed
        in Controller column
      * Add Spec tests for 'amber routes' command
      * Fix indentation in 'add_route' helper
      * Add spec for websocket in 'amber routes'
      * Refactor 'set_route' in 'amber routes'
      * Wrap 'amber routes' tests for default routes in describe block
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      Minor change in Makefile (#496) · d38d3709
      Davor Ocelic authored
    • Davor Ocelic's avatar
      Makefile improvements (#495) · 252518b5
      Davor Ocelic authored
      * Makefile improvements
      - Amber binary now depends on all its source files (src/**cr). If any file
        changes, just running 'make' will rebuild Amber. If no source files have
        changed, running 'make' will have no effect and will exit quickly.
        (One can always force make execution with 'make -B [target]', in case that
        forced recompilation is required.)
      - Structure of the Makefile is now such that adding more binaries later is
      - A couple "stylistic" improvements were made which don't affect previous
        behavior, but use more standard Makefile syntax and variables
      - When running 'make install', if previous copy or symlink doesn't exist
        (as is the case on a first install), 'rm' doesn't fail with critical error
      - 'make clean' now only deletes amber-specific files, not shards etc.
        This makes it easier/quicker to invoke 'make' afterwards and recompile
        amber without having to go through shards downloading again
      - 'make distclean' deletes all files and brings source tree close to original
        state as would be after git clone
      - Both variants of clean now only delete bin/amber and not bin/ as a whole,
        so they now correctly preserve 'ameba' binary which comes from shards and
        also lives in bin
      * Minor Makefile simplification
  8. 08 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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  10. 06 Jan, 2018 4 commits
    • Davor Ocelic's avatar
      Makefile improvements (#484) · 768fb6a9
      Davor Ocelic authored
      * Makefile improvements
      - Remove invocations of `pwd` where not necessary
      - Add invocations of `pwd` where necessary
      - Replace PREFIX?= with PREFIX=
      (The removal of ? in PREFIX?= makes this setting not susceptible to
      unintentionally taking the value from the environment variable.
      The correct way to set PREFIX is by doing 'make install
      (as opposed to 'PREFIX=/path make install').)
      - Do not run link (which requires admin privileges) in default
        target (build)
      - On install, remove destination file before copying the binary
        (solves problem when a symlink already exists and copying fails)
      - Make build depend on lib/
      - Run shards only once, if lib/ doesn't exist
      - Better qualify $OUT_DIR
      - Add missing echo
      * Make link targets depend on build, just like install
    • Davor Ocelic's avatar
      Minor updates to README (#485) · d71c7b47
      Davor Ocelic authored
    • Davor Ocelic's avatar
      Use more Crystal's API, improve error message (#483) · 1c0cc688
      Davor Ocelic authored
      Replace `` invocations with Crystal's API
      Say "Connection unsuccessful" in case of CLI database errors rather than
      "Connection refused". "Connection refused" was misleading because the
      error may be application-based (e.g. wrong username or password, or
      missing database) and so it is not related to system's ECONNREFUSED error.
    • Davor Ocelic's avatar
      Fix Static's fallthrough and directory_listing options (#481) · 18bd075e
      Davor Ocelic authored
      Amber::Pipe::Static's initializer is inherited from parent class
      and setting @fallthrough and @directory_listing options to false
      in Amber did not have the desired effect of disabling them.
      The solution is to override the initializer to have them set to
      off by default as intended.
      Spec for Pipe::Static's directory_listing:
      - When directory_listing is off (default in Amber), response is 404
      - When directory_listing is on, listing is allowed
      - Specifying 'false' explicitly for option 'fallthrough' is not
        needed because the default false is now properly applied
  11. 05 Jan, 2018 3 commits
  12. 04 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • Faustino Aguilar's avatar
      Follow crystal code style (#466) · c49a8974
      Faustino Aguilar authored
      * set host binding to (#459)
      * Update settings.cr
      Shows severity if is greater than debug
      * Update database.cr
      * Update database.cr
      * Update logger.cr
      * Add changes using ameba tool to apply crystal code style.
      * Add ameba analysis tool
      * Add ameba to Travis
      * Apply suggestions
      * Fix script section of travis.yml
      * Remove service ports