1. 08 Sep, 2017 2 commits
  2. 07 Sep, 2017 3 commits
  3. 05 Sep, 2017 4 commits
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      Bug Fix: CLI console command (#232) · e4afe070
      Elias Perez authored
      Application controller was not being loaded in the correct order when using
      `require "./src/controller/*"`.
      To correct the error loaded application_controller first. Also did a little formatting for 
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      Fixes parsing JSON from request body (#231) · 936eac6f
      Elias Perez authored
      The MIME media type for JSON text is application/json. The default encoding is UTF-8. (Source: RFC 4627).
      Currently checking content_type with == will not match content type formats for `application/json;charset=UTF-8`
      With this change the check for content type application/json should be correct.
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      Update docs url (#230) · 475a7f36
      Elias Perez authored
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      fix method signature to match Channel (#228) · ce50b934
      Dru Jensen authored
      * fix method signature to match Channel
      * fix others as well
  4. 04 Sep, 2017 5 commits
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      Bug Fixe: Socket endpoint is not defined method error (#227) · 720b91e5
      Elias Perez authored
      When defining a socket endpoint it withing route it currently
      throws an error socket_endpoint method is not defined. This is due to
      the fact that the socket_endpoint is not accessible through the routes
      In order to correct the bug a websocket method was defined in place of
      socket_endpoint in DSL::Router
      - Adds websocket as a  method instead of macro to Router DSL (See #224)
      - Adds specs to ensure socket endpoint are defined
      - Removes socker_endpoint from Amber::Server
      - Makes socket_routes public
      This changes the current API from socket_endpoint to websocket since
      this naming was to honor proposed changes in
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      Environments with encryption for version production secrets. (#216) · 6e64a77a
      Isaac Sloan authored
      * working
      * added the right things to gitignore
      * magic and trained dragons
      * cleaned up specs
      * ensure deletion of test files
      * moved files to tmp
      * test directory in tmp. also added to .gitignore
      * tests encryption
      * progress
      * so much work
      * left key_generator temporarily
      * tests pass and settings load
      * added ENV redis_url back
      * loading settings from config file
      * specs that test the environment loader
      * tested how settings can be overridden.
      * new commands encrypts production.yml by default
      * fixed tests for encrypting by default
      * encrypts only production on new and then tests if test can be encrypted
      * debugging travis
      * set env to test
      * removed debugging code
      * travis will probably pass at least
      * travis will work now
      * i hate order dependent tests
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      Dj/websocket route fix (#224) · 37480695
      Dru Jensen authored
      * add websocket macro
      * specify module
    • Faustino Aguilar's avatar
      Fix quotes (#225) · 4e9a9e40
      Faustino Aguilar authored
      * Fix quote
      * Fix quote
  5. 03 Sep, 2017 3 commits
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  7. 01 Sep, 2017 6 commits
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      Cleaned up PR template. (#215) · abd1de9e
      Isaac Sloan authored
      * Cleaned up PR template.
      * cleaned up templates
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      Update README.md · d5492363
      Isaac Sloan authored
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      Add ArchLinux on installation section (#214) · fd26bca4
      Faustino Aguilar authored
      * Add ArchLinux on installation section
      * Fix position of ArchLinux documentation
    • Isaac Sloan's avatar
      Updated readme to reflect current improvements. (#211) · 0479834c
      Isaac Sloan authored
      * Bumped version number to v0.2.0.
      * updated readme to represent the current state of the project.
      * fixed migration docs
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      Refactors Amber::Server (#209) · 5f23c9f1
      Elias Perez authored
      * Removes and Adds helper server methods
      - Why is this change necessary?
      Some of the calls to the server instance was invoking multiple methods
      for example Amber::Server.instance.pubsub_adapter.instance, with the
      changes this now reads as Amber::Server.pubsub_adapter making it easy to
      change without reworking the caller.
      - How does it address the issue
      The resulting changes tends to be more maintainable and adaptable making
      the code more readable to the developer.
      - What side effects does this change have?o
      Narrow interfaces, giving access to only as much information as it needs to do
      its job, as each method needs to know about a small set of methods of closely related objects
      High number of class methods
      * fixup! Removes and Adds helper server methods
      * fixup! Removes and Adds helper server methods
      * fixup! Removes and Adds helper server methods
      * fixup! Removes and Adds helper server methods
      * fixup! Removes and Adds helper server methods
      * fixup! Removes and Adds helper server methods
  8. 31 Aug, 2017 2 commits
  9. 30 Aug, 2017 5 commits
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      Merge pull request #208 from amber-crystal/dj/bug-in-filestructure-change · 5e4beb12
      Dru Jensen authored
      one bug didn't get merged
    • Dru Jensen's avatar
      one bug didn't get merged · 6303c846
      Dru Jensen authored
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      [WIP] Remove amber directories from spec and src (#204) · a3d253a8
      Elias Perez authored
      * Remove amber directories from spec and src
      Moves the cmd directory outside of the amber directory and renames
      the core directory to Amber.
      Modules namespaces conventions should follow a directory structure
      where/when possible to keep the project cohesive and to understand
      where things are. For instance Amber::Controller should point to
      amber/controller directory.
      Currently there is a mismatched directory to module structure because
      of the core directory, amber/core/controller but the module is
      still Amber::Controller I tried/consider renaming the modules to include
      core, but it was just not right and the module namespacing became
      unnecessarily too long eg Amber::Core::Controller. For this reason,
      is better keep amber instead of core to maintain cohesion and logical
      file structure.
      This addresses the concern by
      - Removes the extra amber directory from src and spec directory.
      - Cleans and consolidates the specs
      - Organizes the spec directories
      - Changes namespace from Amber::CMD to Amber::CLI
      - Adds Server directory for server related classes/modules
      - It runs generated specs for the generated app
      - Cleaner source dir
      -- src
        -- amber
        -- cli
      What side effect does this change have
      - Since merging Amber::CLI with Amber CLI specs run with the Amber
      suite causing it to be slower.
      * minor bug fix
      * another path issue
  10. 28 Aug, 2017 5 commits